Lash and Brow Suite

Located at:

Salon Lofts

Suite 12

1101 W Randolph

Chicago, IL  60607


 Introductory Classic Set of  Eyelash Extensions $130


  • Cleanse your eyelash extensions daily using our Eyelash & Brow Cleanser  (ask your eyelash specialist)
  • Use water based eye makeup remover
  • Groom your eyelash extensions with the mascara wand provided by your eyelash specialist
  • Wear a sleep mask at night to protect your luxury eyelash extensions lashes( ask your eyelash specialist)
  • Water soluable makeup only on your eyelash extensions/ test the makeup on the back of you hand to see if it rinses of easily


Lash Care


  • Getting your eyelash extensions wet for 24 hours the adhesive has to cure for  optimal bondage
  • Pulling or playing with your eyelash extensions
  • Oil based products directly on your lids this will loosen the bond of the adhesive
  •  MASCARA on your luxury eyelash extension. Mascara will change the beautiful design of your lashes
  • Steam and saunas for 48 hours your eyelash extensions will shed prematurely
  • Cotton products to cleanse your eyelash extensions is not recommended. Cotton products will get caught in between lashes. Ouch!!
  • Use long wearing or water proof makeup on your eyes.